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Multifamily Investing with Multifamily Attorney Charles Dobens

Dec 20, 2023

Join ‘The Multifamily Attorney’ Charles Dobens as he shares his wealth of knowledge to differentiate the nuances between residential and multifamily real estate. He delves into cautionary tales, warning against the allure of 100 percent seller financing and sheds light on properties deemed 'unsellable' due to lender reluctance. Through this candid discussion, Charles empowers listeners with strategies to discern lucrative multifamily investments from potential pitfalls. Join us as we navigate the multifamily market's intricacies, offering actionable advice and insights to thrive in this competitive landscape. Be sure to also go to to get your free copy of host, 'The Multifamily Attorney', Charles Dobens’, book “How to Own 1,000 Apartments in Five Years”.