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Multifamily Investing with Multifamily Attorney Charles Dobens

Sep 28, 2022

​​After a year of searching for properties, Francisco focused on one market and 3 years later owns 8 properties! Another successful student in the Multifamily OS. Learn from Francisco and focus on one market! Francisco is one of my all-time favorite students!  For more information or to get started in multifamily...

Sep 21, 2022

Dr. Mark Goulston is the world's leading healthy conflict coach built upon his fifty-year career that has included being a UCLA Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, 40 years as a clinical psychiatrist with a subspecialty focus on suicide prevention with none of his patients dying by suicide, FBI and police...

Sep 14, 2022

In this week’s episode, I’m changing it up a little bit and giving you a look into my Monday night live call that I do with my students. On this call, my students and I talk about everything from what’s going on in the market to what’s happening with their deals. For more information or to get started in...

Sep 7, 2022

This is an interview I did with George Roberts on his podcast, The Foundery. George and I discuss everything multfiamily related, especially why life is too short to own c class property.  For more information or to get started in multifamily investing, please visit: