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Multifamily Investing with Multifamily Attorney Charles Dobens

Sep 20, 2023

In this week’s episode, we delve into the world of equity investment and securities law with Richard Robinette, a seasoned expert and attorney at Crowdfunding Lawyers. Richard, a passionate advocate for businesses and investors, recently sponsored and spoke at our ‘Hotel to Apartment Conversion Summit’ in Chicago. He has returned as a guest on 'The Multifamily Attorney’, Charles Dobens’, private Monday Night Live Weekly Group Coaching Call. Today, we're thrilled to share his wisdom with you as he simplifies the complexities of "Private Securities in Plain English: How to Raise Money Legally and Effectively." Richard's insights are invaluable for entrepreneurs and investors alike, offering actionable steps to navigate the intricate world of private securities within the bounds of the law. Don't miss this masterclass in capital-raising legality and effectiveness. To learn more about multifamily investing or to embark on your own journey, please visit: