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Multifamily Investing with Multifamily Attorney Charles Dobens

Aug 30, 2023

Join ‘The Multifamily Attorney’- Charles Dobens for the beginning of a two-part series that unveils the latest innovations from the ‘Multifamily Investment Academy’. Brace yourself for this groundbreaking ‘Hotels 2 Apartments’ program, a visionary initiative poised to not only educate, but also mold students into future partners, primed to excel in multifamily investing. In this episode Charles navigates the unforeseen terrain of the multifamily industry's future, challenging preconceptions and spotlighting why Hotel to Apartment Conversions have emerged as the red-hot prospect for multifamily investors. From the scarcity of traditional multifamily deals to the urgency of affordable housing in the United States, Charles dissects crucial dynamics and introduces the concept of 'cap rate arbitrage', a strategic approach that promises to redefine success in the multifamily landscape. Prepare for a paradigm-shifting exploration, where Charles Dobens' expertise reshapes your outlook on multifamily real estate, offering key insights to both seasoned investors and newcomers embarking on their investment journeys. To learn more about multifamily investing or to embark on your own journey, please visit: