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Multifamily Investing with Multifamily Attorney Charles Dobens

Aug 23, 2023

Join Joseph Viery, founder of USTAGI and a seasoned Cost Segregation Professional, on this week’s episode as he navigates the transformative realm of tax strategies. Viery's mission to provide top-tier cost segregation studies has empowered property owners to defer or eliminate substantial income taxes using IRS-compliant methods. With extensive experience spanning from multi-million-dollar commercial properties to single-family homes, Viery discusses how cost segregation minimizes tax burdens, aids post-Covid-19 recovery, demystifies the concept, and offers insights into ideal candidates, timing, passive investor benefits, audits, company selection, and unlocking Energy Tax Credits. Don't miss this transformative conversation that could reshape your financial approach! To learn more about multifamily investing or to embark on your own journey, please visit: